In just 5 years, Canadian researchers took over 86,000 pet dogs and cats to use in experiments.
Help us STOP your pet being used in research!
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If you live in Ontario, please ask your Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) to protect your pet from ending their life in a cruel experiment.
To find out who your MPP is, visit and use your postal code to search for your riding's name.
  •  Then CLICK HERE to find your MPP's name and riding
  •  Click on their name for their contact information
  •  CLICK HERE for our draft letter (for you to cut & paste into an email or print and mail) or send your own to Premier Doug Ford. Please phone the Premier as well.
If you need help, please call us at    416-462-9541.
Don't Live In Ontario? Contact your premier.
Ask your Premier to stop the sale of pet cats and dogs to research. Click here for your Premier's contact information and a draft letter you can send or adapt. Please call them as well!
If you need help, please call us at    416-462-9541.
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Ontario is one of the largest users of dogs and cats for experimental purposes.
Please help us amend the Animals for Research Act to ban the use of lost pets from Ontario municipal pounds and shelters from animal experimentation and to ban the import of pet dogs and cats for experimentation from outside Ontario.
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We fight for animals – all animals.
Large or small—one time or monthly—your generosity makes it possible for us to protect animals from the researchers, politicians, and others who keep the legal status of animals low and the laws that protect them weak.
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